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Building a hubless future with the new T-Mobile Accelerator

By May 12, 2020No Comments

To create a truly smart building, connectivity has become the fifth utility. With 80% of mobile traffic starting and ending in a building, owners and managers depend on reliable cellular connectivity along with strong WiFi coverage to attract and keep residents. Until recently, deploying connected infrastructure to make a building smart with devices like smart locks or WiFi was expensive, complex and comes with risk of immediate obsolescence which is why building owners have been cautious in their smart building investments. That’s why today we’re excited to announce we’re joining the New T-Mobile Accelerator, formerly known as the Sprint Accelerator, to leverage 5G for a hubless, and less complex, smart building. Learn more about the program in T-Mobile’s Supercharging Innovation blog post.

With Homebase and T-Mobile, multifamily building owners will be empowered to customize the coverage that satisfies both of these objectives and ultimately, increases the value of their properties all while improving the residents living experience. This will reduce the barrier to entry for properties aiming to amenitize the convenience of smart-enabled apartments and free staff to focus on hospitality, safety and community instead of easily automated, administrative tasks.

Partnering with the new T-Mobile is an exciting opportunity for our team to learn from a world class organization and leverage the nation’s best 5G infrastructure to become the first completely hubless smart building solution and ultimately enable 5G-powered smart buildings. The new T-Mobile Accelerator offers the organizational resources needed to deliver this new technology on a mass scale. 

“We are committed to using our broad and deep nationwide 5G network to accelerate innovation and spur the development of new, transformative applications. Mentoring, collaborating with, and providing resources to these six promising companies is an important part of that mission,” said Neville Ray, President of Technology at T-Mobile. “With a 5G network that reaches across the country with both coverage and speed, developers now have the opportunity to radically transform the way people experience the world around them and the way businesses operate, no matter where they are.”

Download the T-Mobile Accelerator Press Release.

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