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CityAge – Smart Cities and Smart Utilities: What Next?

By October 20, 2015One Comment

I’m really looking forward to speaking at “CityAge’s next Summit on The New American City” with such a great list of regional and national decision makers and thought leaders.

The opportunity we have ahead of us with the Kansas City Smart City initiative is big. KC is positioned to become a leader in exporting our first-hand experience and expertise in delivering efficient services through smart infrastructure.

What if the KCFD could deliver essential fire support services (digitally) to rural areas or disaster areas as a service. We could increase efficiency of our public service efforts and save time, money, resources and lives. This is just one example. The possibilities are endless when you treat the city like a platform.

Think Big is thrilled to be a part of CityAge and the thought provoking events they put on.

Join me next week to discuss how smart city technologies can contribute to a better Kansas City.

Thursday October 29th, 2015, 1:55 pm           Session 3:       Smart Cities and Smart Utilities: What Next?

Smart cities has been a buzz term for several years, but a new era of smart, integrated infrastructure is now creating new opportunities for cities and revolutionizing how we live. This panel will address the opportunity to use sensors, data and technology to cities and utilities much more functional, and the partnerships necessary to make it happen? Where is the current opportunity, and how can your city take advantage?

  • Guy Lipa, Chief of Staff, Los Angeles Department of Water and Power
  • Blake Miller, Partner, Think Big Partners

Panel Chair:  Black & Veatch