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CES 2024 – Smart Homes: Embracing New Users

By April 2, 2024No Comments

I had the opportunity to speak at CES 2024 at Parks and Associates summit. This was my 14th year in attendance at CES at 5th year speaking in some capacity.


📊 Take a deeper dive:

Desiree Mejia, Chief Operating Officer, SkyBell
⭐Consumers want to go through a trusted partner, like a security dealer or insurance company.
⭐We started with just the SkyBell doorbell, and now we’ve partnered with RapidSOS, which can dispatch 911 to local authorities.
⭐The more you try to give people, the harder it is for them to make a decision.

Blake Miller, Founder, Homebase; Chief Product Officer, Quext
⭐In multifamily, we started with access control, and how to do it securely, remotely, and with fewer people on site.
⭐This started as a way to differentiate. But now it’s table stakes.
⭐It’s no longer enough to unlock a door anymore. Everyone expects that. Now it’s about what else it can do.
⭐In 2024, I see the election year bringing more interest in technology like AI and deepfakes.

Tony Nicolaidis, Chief Commercial Officer, Origin AI
⭐All the barriers are going to come down in home security, without any plastic, without anything on your walls.
⭐People are feeling less and less safe. We need to stay focused on that problem in home security.
⭐I’m making a bet on security for 2024, and making it more affordable.

Rick Plummer, Senior Director, Home Services, AIG
⭐Early adopters have been able to work with more complexity. Now, for mid-market, you need to have only one number to call.
⭐AIG has focused on getting the right partners together.
⭐Forcing bundles on consumers doesn’t go well. It’s better when they can see the benefits of the bundle.

Paul Williams, Managing Director of Home Management Business Unit, Nice Group
⭐We’ve waited for the middle market to take off for decades. Years ago, we didn’t do a good job of educating consumers, especially younger consumers, on the use cases.
⭐We have three main areas of focus at Nice: safety and home security, health and wellness (including air quality and quality of life), and energy.
⭐For mid-market, we work with builders to come up with custom packages, focus on marketing to expand our customer base, and offer professional installation that’s not just luxury – any plumber and electrician already working in a home should be able to do it.
⭐No one company is going to be able to manufacture all the components, which is why partnerships are so important.

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