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3 Principles for Future-Proofing Smart Apartments

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Real estate is a long-term investment. Where most businesses barely plan past the upcoming quarter, real estate development companies are looking decades ahead. How will an investment today look 30 years from now? This is part of what makes the idea of smart apartments so scary for some developers. Combining computer technology (known for rapid obsolescence) and real estate sounds…

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What are Smart Apartments and Why They’re the Future of Living

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What does the future of living look like to you? High-tech appliances might come to mind, like robo-maids, holographic TVs, or flying cars that fold up into suitcases. But if current trends are any indication of what’s to come, the future of living will revolve around something else – time. As we trade in spacious suburban homes for city lofts…

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Homebase Featured on Microsoft for Startups’ “Series A – The Podcast”

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Recently, Homebase CEO Blake Miller was featured on “Series A – The Podcast“. A Microsoft for Startups podcast series that goes in-depth with the founders, investors and others changing the world with their startups. The show travels the US and Canada, going behind the scenes of some of the most successful startups. On their trip to Kansas City, they came…

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Meet Homebase

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Think Big has been going thru an evolution. At the beginning of 2016 we made a decision change the way we would work with entrepreneurs to solve problems. I’m excited to announce Homebase, an Intelligent Apartment Platform out of Think Big Labs that I’m leading. Learn more about our plans here: Think Big Labs – Meet

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